L7 is a way of life . L7 is a way of thinking . L7 is art . L7 is style . L7 is music . L7 is anonymous . L7 is freedom . L7 is creativity . L7 is revolutionary . L7 is the future .  Conceived by [    ]500mg resident musical genius , L7 serves as an ambassador for a new generation of cool kids . 

                     “ You people follow the rules of dead people , I just make new rules . “

Electronic All Star

Mo J’s Than Dilla – L7


Video Clips

With the hard beats of Daft Punk’s song “Da Funk” as backup, this “White Men Can’t Jump” scene remake is the first single from L7′s “Electronic All-Star” mixtape.

Directed by: Medkit Produced by: minimaldose500mg Artist: L7 Song: “Mo J’s Than Dilla” Shot in Brooklyn, NY Designer: Greetings From The Future


Saturday April 20th – All Day – 420 Extravaganza – undisclosed locations
Thursday April 26th – 9 PM – The City Don’t Sleep
Tuesday May 21st – 8 PM – Lyfe Studios
Friday June 7th – 10 PM – [   ]500mg  (with BRBRCK & the iLL harmonic)
Greetings From The Future Fest – July 2013